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24 April 2006 @ 04:18 pm
Eugene rugby game  
This weekend our team went to Eugene to play our last game before playoffs. We lost, but not by much. We made a try in the last 2 minutes! To be honest, we playied really shitty!!! We were all playing as individuals, not as a team and it showed. Everyone was mad at each other and telling them what they were doing wrong. If that isn't enough, I was suppose to get a ride back down after the game, but the only girl going back down to Ashland said she didn't have any room in her car, but she clearly did. So, my mom had to drive 3 hours to come get me. She was working too, so that was hard to get away from. My mom was soooo pissed! Anyway, I have to go. :D
Current Mood: draineddrained