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18 April 2006 @ 03:34 pm
WE WON!!!  
Hey everyone~ On Saturday the girls rugby team whupped Wilson-Benson 58 to 0! They came down with only 11 girls and they need 13 to play, so me and another one of our team-mates playied on the other team. They automatically forfit the game, but they traveled all the way from Portland, so they wanted to play a game anyway. It was really interesting to play on the opponents team and bring down one of my own team players. It was a good experience though. By the way, We have one more game in Eugene, and then we go to playoffs!!! =D I am sooooo excited to go so far on a team that I have never playied before! You won't believe this?! The coach for crew that was suppose to leave and go to San Diego, has decided to not to and stay here and coach. He is a German-Argentinian male chauvinistic pig!!! He always treats the girls on the team like we can't be as strong as the guys, and that we don't know as much either. He makes me soooooo mad!!! :/
!*&^$#@@$&*(&^$@~!#$%^&* OK, I feel better now. lol.
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Shelly: SGA - Shep - hot and readymallacoota on April 19th, 2006 12:01 am (UTC)
woohoo for winning =D

Oooh that evil crew guy, you should knock him overboard sometime, mu hahah!